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The Hunger Games, Published 10-14-2008 by Scholastic. The Hunger Games is the first book of the best selling trilogy.

The Hunger Games takes place in the nation of Panem. The nation of Panem is divided into what known as “Districts”. Each District exist to provide the lavish lifestyle that only those in the Capitol come to know. The Districts were established after a Civil War and the Capitol was the winner. As punishment for this uprising The citizens of Panem are required to offer up one boy and one girl from each district to battle to the death in The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is broadcast of live TV.

Katniss Everdeen, from District 12, volunteers for the Games to spare her sister. Katniss is paired with Peeta Mellark for this years Hunger Games. Whether Katniss survives or not only changes one thing, her sister still has 5 more years of potentially being selected into The Games and her fate, if she survives, is one of near slavery. The Citizens of Panem can be assured of only one livelihood, supporting the Capitol.

Can Katniss survive The Hunger Games?

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Catching Fire, published on 10-1-2009 by Scholastic. Catching fire is the second book of the Hunger Games Trilogy.


Against all odds, against the capitols wishes Katniss Everdeen has survived The Hunger Games. Katniss outwitted the capitol and out played the other contestants. She helped fellow District 12 member Peeta to survive and win as well. The victory only puts Katniss and the Citizens of Panem in more harm. The Capitol is concerned of an uprising and the rumors of The Mocking Jay have begun to spread.

Katniss’s celebration is short lived as she is thrust into the role of protecting her family, her district and trying to make sure her fellow Hunger Games competitors did not die in vane.

The Capitol is aware of everything and no matter which direction Katniss decides to run the Capitol has a plan to stop her. With no where to run she must stand and fight. The Capitol pushes her back into The Hunger Games and fight she must.

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The Mockingjay, Published on 8-24-10 by Scholastic. The Mockingjay is the third and final book in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

The Mockingjay rises. Katniss has survived The Hunger Games for a second time. She has done the unthinkable and has sent a ripple of hope throughout Panem. The Capitol is even angrier then before and the Citizens of Panem are rising up. The Capitol is seeking revenge against Katniss. President Snow has made it clear that no one in Panem is safe and especially those connected to Katniss.

As the Capitol seeks it’s revenge and moves to squash the uprising Katniss begin to embrace and understand her importance to the people. The Citizens of Panem are seeking a leader and freedom. Katniss has shown the Citizens of Panem that hope exist even in the darkest of times.

The Mokingjay will learn that even in victory your sacrifices can not change ones destiny. All of the Citizens of Panem have sacrificed and some will sacrifice all.

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