Three ‘Hunger Games’ Characters Among MTV’s Top Movie Characters of 2012

Three ‘Hunger Games’ Characters Among MTV’s Top Movie Characters of 2012

MTV released their list of the Top 50 Movie Characters of 2012, and a few Hunger Games favorites makes the list.

#2 Katniss Everdeen - A much-needed antidote to the damsel-in-distress archetype, heroine Katniss Everdeen is a fierce fighter who doesn’t think twice about taking her little sister’s place in the film’s titular death match — even though she has no delusions of surviving. But survive she does, putting her bow-and-arrow and cunning intellect to work, outwitting and outmanning her fellow tributes to emerge victor. A lesson to all you would-be dystopian dictators out there: never mess with the Girl on Fire — the odds will not be in your favor.

#10 Effie Trinket – Impeccable manners and questionable morals make Effie Trinket the ideal Hunger Games escort. Assigned to District 12, her candy-colored hair, painted face and perfect diction bring a generous dollop of Capitol chic to the depressed and dreary region. Portrayed by Elizabeth Banks with just the right amount of ridiculousness, Effie manages to transform the reaping of Katniss and Peeta into something even more surreal and terrifying.

#30 Haymitch Abernathy - As the “Hunger Games” resident alcoholic war vet, Haymitch is crucial for the hero Katniss to evolve. More than just a mentor, Haymitch is the mirror that not only reflects Katniss’ own strengths and weaknesses back to her but also shows her the person that she could potentially become if Panem continues to be ruled by the Hunger Games. Haymitch isn’t just Katniss’ ghost of Christmas future — he also offers some of the best and much needed moments of levity and humor in the dark dystopic film. I also like to think that Woody Harrelson reanimated glimmers of Roy Munson from “Kingpin” for the role as well.


See the full list of 50 characters at MTV


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